Why others are “successful” and not me

Why others are "successful" and not me

What exactly is behind this question, behind the emerging part of this inner dialogue?

We could say to ourselves that it is just a question of the ego, so we leave it aside.

End of the article, have a nice day! ๐Ÿ™‚

And even if this were the case, we might miss a realization or two ..

So let’s explore together what’s behind this question.

As always, feel what resonates for you, leave the rest aside.

I compare, you compare, he compares, ..

“This person is more successful than me!”

Nothing like a bad comparison to make you feel bad! ๐Ÿ™‚

For some people, this can be a great source of motivation to accomplish more, to do better, … Even to the point of burn-out.

For others, comparing is believing in thoughts that generate emotions … which often turn out to be unpleasant.

It is above all the sign of an endless, useless and exhausting dialogue of the mind.

“yes, but I am better in this field…”

or “yes, but I have done this other thing in my life, …”

to go as far as irrational comparisons:

“yes, but I don’t think he is as happy as I am…”

or even “yes, but I started from further away, and I suffered more before!

There will always be someone better than you in a field, and you will always be able to find a field where you are better than someone else.

The mind changes the definition of “success” according to the circumstances and to what reality throws at it.

Everything is good to justify a comparison that is not in its favor.

When such a dialogue takes place, it is a trap, a bottomless pit, a vortex of thoughts that leads us into infinite intellectual depths.

We are completely focused on the outside, on external references that, by point of comparison, are supposed to tell us if what we are doing is “good” or not, if it is “good enough” or not, if we deserve some success … or not.

And the discomfort sets in, not seen, not known, not felt!

Who do you think you are?

A little spirituality to the rescue!

If I believe I am a soul, then I think I came here to have a human experience with a spiritual mission to accomplish and that my experience of life is to act in a vast play that has its own rules, often quite different from those of the soul’s origin.

If I believe that I am a person who got there by biological chance, then often I believe that I am the character in that play, and I believe that I have to earn my way through life, be better than the other guy, check off boxes to succeed, and in the end I will be happy, because those are the rules of the play.

Obviously, depending on what you believe, the experience will be lived differently and the “success” judged differently.

To succeed in the play will not necessarily mean success for the soul.

And vice versa.

So a pizza delivery man can be completely successful in his spiritual mission while a wealthy billionaire who organizes charity events, can miss out completely.

And the reverse can be true too.

In fact we don’t know ๐Ÿ™‚

Everyone has their own path.

For one, it may be necessary to go through material success to advance in their spiritual mission.

For the other, it may be necessary to go through material deprivation.

It is Jim Carrey who mentioned it in a speech that I warmly recommend to you:

I wish everyone to experience fame and fortune only to realize that this is not the sense of completion.

The path is something very personal, and most of the time it escapes us completely, at least for a good part of the existence. We can understand after some steps but there is always a part of mystery…

So, if our own path can already escape us, what about others’ ? ๐Ÿ™‚

And even if we understood the path of another, could we really compare it to our own?

If we stop judging the success of others, we stop the comparison and we stop the inner dialogue that kills us slowly.

And what emerges?

A deep inner peace.

In the short, medium and long term, whatever the external circumstances and the “success” of others.

I am more awake than he is!

One pitfall can hide another: comparing one’s spirituality to others’ . Some would blame this on the spiritual ego.

To reassure ourselves, we can fall into the trap of considering ourselves more awakened than others.

Yes, but I am more spiritually awake…”, one might say to oneself with a slight lift of the chin ๐Ÿ™‚

The last few years have also highlighted this in the face of current events.

And some “awakened” people were laughing at those who were not yet awakened, according to them :-).

But we come back to the same thing, different paths!

Yes, maybe you have understood, integrated, experienced certain things that bring you to a certain spiritual stage, but it is because it is your path.

For another person, the awakening may have to be done differently, with a different rhythm, different events, according to his beliefs, his past experiences, his wounds, …

Remember also that there is a part of free will.

It is better for some people to wake up at their own pace, a little later because too early, they could also have an opposite reaction.

It’s like waking someone up in bed by turning on the overhead light.

It can be a bit violent and the person will want to crawl back under the blanket :-).

So how do you create your own success?

The transition from the old to the new is not yet done and it is, at times, like having one foot in one world and one foot in the other.

Depending on whether I turn my head to the left, or to the right, I’m going to have different project ideas, I’m going to see different “successes”.

So today, if you are struggling to find your place, to maintain consistency in your choices, perfect alignment, to define projects that match your values, it may be normal.

If you feel confused, divided or even torn between old world values and new world values, it is … maybe normal!

This confusion comes from the fact that you may not have chosen completely yet, to decide who you want to be in relation to these two worlds that are gradually overlapping.

The choice to believe in the rules of one world or the other.

Examine the attachment you may still have to certain old paradigms, to certain material ideas, to this need to “succeed” compared to others who have not made the same choices.

If today you feel blocked or your projects seem blocked, maybe your intentions are not clear and are trying to reconcile the rules of both worlds.

Competition sucks! … but what can I do to be better than my neighbor? ๐Ÿ™‚

Remember, another’s apparent “success” is a result that serves their evolution.

If the outside world brings confusion, perhaps it is wise to return to oneself.

Isn’t one of the principles of the new world to create for the simple joy of creating? Simply to experience it?

Isn’t everything else just consequences for which the greatest detachment is the best intention?

So to the question “Should I do this or that?”

If it makes you happy, go ahead, it’s always the same “rule”.

But keep in mind to free yourself from expectations of results, letting go is essential to live in peace on this path :-).

What about money?

Money comes when it is needed

If you had too much money, maybe you wouldn’t do much anymore..

It is an old world drive that is still useful for some people, as long as the new world drive is not yet fully in place.

Put heart back into what you do, reconnect to it, choose love and light as your intention for everything.

Rest assured, the transition is happening, and the more you transition to the new world and its new rules, the more you will be able to let go of the old.

It is like treetop adventure courses, you make sure you are hooked to the next cable before you let go of the previous one.

Let the light enter you and spread through you.

You are the Source in the I to serve the WE, the individuality to serve the collective.

The mistake is to want to serve the collective without serving yourself in the process, that is how you get exhausted.

Be patient with yourself.

Be kind to yourself.


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