The planet of the luminous hearts

Luminous hearts

Once upon a time there was a planet called Lum.

The inhabitants lived in peace, harmony, and above all in love.

Their bodies manifested this in a very simple way: the more love they had, the more their hearts shone through their skin.

Everyone could see it!

And when one heart shone brighter, the other hearts around it began to shine as brightly, a virtuous cycle!

On this planet, it was never dark, because everyone brought light.

One day, a space capsule landed on the planet Lum.

The inhabitants, curious, rush to the scene to help the pilot.

A being comes out of the device, its body is very similar to some differences.

Its head emits a thick fog, but what shocks the inhabitants the most is that its heart emits almost no light.

In a spontaneous impulse, they approach him to help him rekindle the light in his heart.

But the effect is not what they expected.

The light in his heart does not change.

The surprise soon gives way to doubt, then to fear.

Some of the inhabitants also find themselves emitting this fog from their heads.

The light in their hearts begins to diminish, creating more surprise and doubt, and very quickly, more fear among the others.

Panic soon overtook the inhabitants to the point that the fog became thicker and wider, blocking more and more the light emitted by the hearts.

Only a few people managed to resist and keep their light.

In vain.

The planet had fallen into darkness.

Years passed on the planet Lum.

The planet was completely covered with fog.

The darkness was permanent.

The space capsule was soon off with its pilot. The incident was quickly forgotten, but the fog remained.

The way of life of the inhabitants had been shaken.

They had become accustomed to the darkness and the fog.

Now, as soon as they saw the light of a heart, they were afraid of it, and the fog increased.

The inhabitants lived alone, isolated, each in his own corner.

If they were gathering, it was precisely to talk about “lumarts”.

Most of them didn’t even know what it meant anymore: the lumarts were the “luminous hearts”.

They tried to avoid them at all costs because they were afraid of becoming lumarts themselves!

Sometimes an inhabitant was “contaminated”, his heart began to shine despite all his efforts!

He had become a lumart!

No matter how much he shouted and defended himself for having “hung out” with a lumart, nobody believed him anymore.

And for good reason, his heart was shining!

But these accidents were rare.

The lumarts – the luminous hearts – of the first hour did not know what to think anymore.

They felt like aliens on their own planet.

At first, they had tried to hide their luminous hearts to be like the others.

But it was in vain.

They experienced shame, rejection, humiliation, abandonment, injustice, …

They too were foggy because of this, but their light was never extinguished.

All these experiences were nothing compared to the loneliness they lived every day.

One morning, in front of the mirror, a new emotion took hold of one of them.

Since I can’t hide it, I’ll show it!

And so he began to live, openly showing his light heart.

Of course, he was singled out and rejected by most of the people.

But he didn’t care anymore, on the contrary, he had the greatest compassion for them.

One day, to his surprise, another inhabitant approached him, shyly revealing his luminous heart:

“Me too, …”, he began without finishing his sentence.

They smiled at each other like long-time friends and their hearts began to glow intensely!

Day after day, more and more lumarts found each other and, no longer feeling lonely, decided to no longer hide their luminous hearts.

Their meetings generated more and more light on the small planet Lum but also more fog.

For the inhabitants were afraid of these lumarts that were multiplying and they pointed them out even more because they were beginning to change the darkness!

Some were torn, something was drawing them into this light but they were afraid to leave their own.

Sometimes they had no choice, because their own hearts had begun to shine, in spite of themselves.

They were chased by their own brothers but they discovered with surprise, the warm welcome of the luminous hearts!

They had never felt so close to them, so happy, so much in their place…

Very quickly the minority of luminous hearts grew, islands of light dotted the small planet.

The veil of fog that covered it began to be pierced here and there.

One morning, it was the tipping point.

In just a few days, the light spread everywhere, the veil of fog evaporated, as if consumed.

A few isolated individuals could not stand this light and left the planet.

The darkness gave way to daylight.

The inhabitants opened their eyes, at first shocked to see their own hearts shining, then amazed to see the reality.

Like the end of a bad dream.

They remembered who they were, who they had always been.

Their true nature.

Beings with a luminous heart.

(First published in French here : La planète des coeurs lumineux).

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