Where is the love in all this?

Helen hangs up.

Tears come to her eyes.

She puts her hand to her closed eyes as if to stop herself from crying. She forces herself to take a deep breath to try to calm down.

Too late.

Tears begin to flow down her cheeks, and tension is released as she sobs.

The discussion has exhausted her, she is fed up, she is at the end of her rope, after all these years.

How is it possible that her relationship with her mother is so complicated?

Where is the love in all this?

Life could be so simple and the world so happy.

Helen begins to lose faith in mankind.

It seems to her to be hanging by a thread now.

Earlier in the week, it was at work that she was having trouble coping.

One of her colleagues had been dismissed without warning after 20 years in the job.

Helen was shocked by this treatment, she found it lacking in humility, consideration and humanity.

She didn’t know him very well, but she knew that he would have financial difficulties as a result.

Helen was not the type to open her mouth, she herself was torn between staying and enduring and leaving her job and no longer having an income.

How sad!

How could I have come to this?

How did we as a society get to this point?

Where is the love in all this?

She is at the end of her rope, her faith in Life seems to be slipping away from her.

No matter how hard she tried to resist, all the news of these last few years have touched her, to the depths of her values, to the depths of her being.

How can human beings come to make other beings live certain things?

How could the world come to this?

What a lack of humanity..

Where is the love in all this?

Helen feels that her faith has left her completely.

She collapses in her armchair facing the window, in tears, as if emptied of her vital energy.

At the end of her strength, at the end of her faith, at the end of her love.

Where is the love in all that? she murmurs, several times, the eyes closed.

Nothing matters any longer, nothing exists around Helen, time seems to have frozen on this question.

She sinks deep inside herself and dozes off, her cheeks wet with her sadness and despair.

The wind rushes through the branches behind the window.

The leaves are stirring, a bird decides to start a concert for the neighborhood.

The sun has dropped a little on the horizon, its rays go up on Helen’s body, to her face.

In a half awakening, empty of thoughts, she whispers again this question:

Where is the love in all this?

She half-opens her eyes and sees the sun’s rays light up her chest, illuminating the location of her heart.

A thought then arises: It is there!

Helen hesitates, wonders, looks again at her chest and discovers the heat of the sun on her body at the level of her heart.

She observes even more her sensations. It is not only the heat of the sun, it is also a heat within which spreads from her heart.

As if a vital energy was flowing from an inner source.

Helen puts her hand delicately on her heart to better feel it, to better pay attention to it.

She begins to feel this love growing inside her.

She starts to smile.

Because she begins to understand.

She had lost faith in humanity, because she had lost faith in herself.

This love that she did not see in the world, she did not see in herself.

Because she had forgotten that she was the Source.

Helen remained a few moments to feel her sensations well.

She slowly straightened up on her seat and stood up, discovering her reflection in the mirror of the room.

Another thought arose, which she spontaneously expressed aloud with a smile:

“I can’t see outside, what I can’t see inside”.

She put on her shoes, took her jacket and went out.

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