Solving a problem … or maintaining it?

– The results are clear!

A chart is displayed on the screen, a curve that goes up to 100%.

– The blue bubbles are completely transformed and reintegrated into the earth as nutrients.

Patrick is very proud, he feels an intense joy rising within.

This is it! After years of work, not to say compromise and sacrifice, he and his team have succeeded in developing BubbleCrusher, a product to destroy blue bubbles that appeared a few years ago in multiple areas.

They cover gardens, meadows, fields, and stick to grass, plants, it is almost impossible to clean by hand.

The consequences on health are still not fully identified even if many animals have been found dead close by. Their exact causes are not yet proven, although everyone suspects that it comes from the recent factories within the framework of the great political plan of the “New Ecology”.

At the beginning, Patrick was not interested by these blue bubbles, je was busy with his student life.

It was only when he saw with his own eyes the meadows of his childhood covered with these blue bubbles that he felt the call.

A call that turned into a mission.

He first read everything on the subject, a real obsession of research and understanding, and he quickly understood that he could not act on the causes, coming up against the ideological defenders of the “New Ecology”.

Too bad! He would then act on the consequences and those damn blue bubbles.

And it is while being on the ground that he understood, after having seen hundreds of places hard hit by the blue bubbles, and others not.

Indeed, some areas were completely empty of blue bubbles.

How was this possible?

He figured out by trial and error that it was the combination of a variety of dandelion and a variety of field fly that was the reason.

He did some tests and experiments and realized that it worked.

Of course, there were still many challenges ahead.

Setting up a company, finding investors, defending his project, …

This was not his cup of tea, so Patrick teamed up with someone more experienced, Guillaume, to take care of all that and to let him focus on the product.

Guillaume became like a father figure that Patrick needed.

And the planets had aligned for his big project.

Not only had he succeeded in developing a product that destroys blue bubbles from natural and inexpensive ingredients, but everything was environmentally friendly. The blue bubble material was actually transformed into an essential nutrient to feed the soil.

So far, the experiments had resulted in a 79% disappearance and did not completely prevent the blue bubbles from returning. Patrick was not completely satisfied with this version of the product, the V79, he knew he could go further.

And now, after 17 more months of work, the disappearance was 100% and offered permanent protection against blue bubbles, once the nutrients were assimilated. Patrick didn’t know why exactly, but he didn’t care, it meant the end of blue bubbles permanently with one application!

The V100 had become a reality!

Patrick was ecstatic and looked at Guillaume, eager for recognition.

Patrick’s partner dismissed the rest of the team, congratulating them again on their work and closed the door behind them.

Patrick wiped away a few tears of joy as he watched the screen again.

– You can be proud of yourself,” said Guillaume, “you have taken up a challenge and you have carried it through to the end. In any case, I am proud of you!

– Thank you, Patrick replied shyly, fully welcoming this well-deserved recognition.

– Well, now let’s talk business, Guillaume began, opening a file in front of him. You understand that we can’t market this latest version of the product for the moment. I have already started the production of the V79 which is already giving good enough results. This will provide us with a comfortable income that will last for several years and we can release the V100 if the competition catches up with us too much.

A bitter taste fills Patrick’s mouth.

– Wait … what?! Why don’t we produce the V100?

– Patrick, you’re a smart guy, you understand that if we produce the V100 and everyone uses it, the blue bubbles will disappear in a few weeks.

Patrick widens his eyes, his mouth open as he waits for the next part of the speech and finally says:

– And … isn’t that what we’re trying to do!?

– Patrick, the complete disappearance of the blue bubbles means that the company is out of business. Unpaid loans, shareholders who lose all their investment and no more salary for you, for me or for the team. This means that you will be unemployed less than a month after launching V100 with zero money left, because the company will be worthless and will not pay you any dividend, and you will be up to your neck in debt which will prevent you from launching other projects, then, is that what you want after almost 10 years of sacrifice?

Patrick can’t believe what he heard.

He feels anger rising within.

– What kind of world do we live in? A world where solving problems permanently is not rewarded, nor encouraged?

– Patrick, the world is not about solving problems, it is about maintaining the status quo. If you find a drug that cures a disease permanently, once everyone is cured, what do you do? If you fight famine and finally get everyone on earth fed, what do you do next? If you manage by a great miracle to stop all the conflicts in the world, do you realize how many people lose their wages, or even their reason for being? World organizations, arms industry, NGOs, military, diplomats, media, ..

Guillaume pauses and concludes:

– To really solve problems is to shoot yourself in the foot economically! So, yes, sometimes we solve problems, but you noticed, for each problem solved, we created 2 or 3 new ones. That’s how the world works. The blue bubbles are only one of the problems created by the New Ecology industry, which has solved another one, perhaps…

Patrick remains silent, he is in a state of intellectual shock, torn between accepting this reality and accomplishing the mission he had given himself 10 years before.

If the blue bubbles disappear for good, what will become of him? What will he do?

What will be his reason for being?

Who will he be?

Is the world really trying to solve the problems?

Obviously, there are certainly “advantages” to not changing things.

But individually, wouldn’t it be a bit the same? 🙂

Are we really looking for a solution to a problem in our lives or are we maintaining a status quo to keep our benefits?

If I don’t have “my” problem to solve anymore, will I still get as much attention? love? help?

And who will I become?

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