Letting go for those who cling!

Letting go

Nicolas is looking for a house for his little family.

He knows the real estate business well.

He knows how to study the market, he knows the prices and the traps, he knows how to do effective research and negotiate.

But when it doesn’t work… it doesn’t work..

House visits follow one another without success and time passes.

Motivation has its ups and downs.

He even took a break for a few months before resuming his search.

Finally, one day, a beautiful house presents itself.

He likes it.

That’s it, he decides to make an offer, delighted to put an end to those years of searching.

But the opportunity falls through!

And here we go again for another round of research, with a reduced enthusiasm, like when you have cleaned your house, and you think you’re finished but you have forgotten the bathroom..

But Nicolas pauses and takes a step back.

He says to himself: I will be happy to find and understand what we were looking for after all this time!

The Universe is called upon!

And the Universe is happy to answer this intention for Nicolas!

Here is what the Universe answers him: Life always brings you what you need for the continuation of your experience, not always what you want (which can be different).

Nicolas reflects and opens himself to the field of possibilities and opportunities!

What do I really need?

What do I really want?

The Universe rubs its hands together!

Nicolas can finally see what the Universe has in store for him, because Nicolas has let go of what he thought he wanted.

This was what the Universe wanted to teach him in this experiment.

So Nicolas quickly found an ad, made a visit and bingo, he made an offer!

It wasn’t really what he was looking for at first but the more he thought about it, the more the house made sense to him.

The people around him are enthusiastic, they understand completely that he likes the house and he is getting more and more committed.

He can’t wait to sign the contract, and is happy to put an end to this search that has just begun again!

But the Universe is sometimes playful.

Well aware that Nicolas is already clinging to this house, it decides to play a little trick on him to remind him of the meaning of this experience so far.

Then, Nicolas discovers some problems with the house, everything is not as squared away as he likes and it bothers him, he’s overthinking it all day long and he doesn’t know where he stands in his choice!

Drop everything?

Go for it anyway?

What if he has problems later?

Nicolas is torn inside, he doesn’t know what to think, even though he is usually so rational.

He turns to the Universe and says: “But, damn, why isn’t it smooth if it’s the right one?

The Universe, quite happy that Nicolas became aware of the opportunity once again to know himself a little better, gives him this message:

You will find peace inside when you have let go of outside.

Nicolas remains silent.

The universe decides to be even more clear:

If you have the house it’s “ok”, if you don’t have the house it’s … “ok” too.

The result doesn’t matter for the one who has sincerely let go.

Nicolas takes a deep breath.

That’s it, something in him is letting go.

He doesn’t know exactly what, he doesn’t know exactly why, but he knows that the best is on the way.

And he makes his decision.

What about you?

  • What are you holding on to in your life?
  • A relationship? A job offer? The outcome of a negotiation?
  • What result are you waiting for?
  • What are you hoping for deep down?

To find out if you have really let go of this, sincerely ask yourself the following two questions:

  • if I get […], am I “okay” with that outcome?
  • if I don’t get […], am I “okay” with that outcome?

True letting go is when you are sincerely “ok” with whatever the result is.

Not an intellectual letting go, but an emotional letting go.

If it is not smooth, if we are not detached from the result, it is because there is an emotion that is blocked, a fear perhaps.

This is what the Universe is inviting you to release as it seeks to guide you to more inner peace.

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