Break out of the pre-fabricated thought boxes

— Ms. Simon, I’ll try to explain it more simply.

Juliette is starting to lose patience, she has been trying to explain her project to this person who is supposed to help her for almost an hour.

— I would like to create a café offering fresh local and organic products and where I can also give workshops to reconnect to the present moment through food and the five senses. I would also like to sell books and host other wellness practitioners.

Ms. Simon looks intently at Juliette from behind her thick glasses and frowns to show that she is listening. Then she skims through a paper catalog in front of her with her pen.

After a moment of silence, Mrs. Simon concludes:

— I think I found it, it’s “nutritionist”. But I don’t think it’s very consistent, you have a pharmacist’s diploma, not a nutritionist’s. Do you plan to study for a diploma too?

Juliette sighs and closes her eyes.

She didn’t think it would be this hard.

She made the mistake of returning to her job as a pharmacist after her first burnout last year. She lasted a few weeks before she broke her ankle on the sidewalk IN FRONT of the pharmacy!

This made the person she went to see during her recovery, Gisèle, laugh.

— When life has decided otherwise, you can’t do anything against it! she said, smiling with great kindness. You hadn’t heard the first call in the form of a burn-out inviting you to stop. So, a broken foot at least, that has the merit of being clear! It’s like a big STOP message from your soul!

Juliette had remained skeptical, but the rest of the discussion had resonated so much with her that she had no doubts today.

Gisele had told her that she had this gift of creating a calm and soothing space just by her presence, allowing her to help others come back to the present moment, back to who they really are.

Juliette’s brain was racing at that moment, making connections to a whole host of past experiences.

At the pharmacy, the atmosphere was always calm, and customers were already finding relief just by spending a few minutes there. Her colleagues noticed the opposite during Juliette’s absences!

She also loves to entertain, and regularly organizes get-togethers with friends and friends of friends to talk about life over a mini buffet of fruit, seeds and other unusual foods.

She even had fun once preparing vegetables as fruits or seeds and vice versa to deceive the senses and force people to really taste the food instead of identifying it only with their eyes.

Her friends loved the experience and so did Juliette!

She had great feedback, her friends told her that their relationship with food had changed, that they appreciated it differently now, that they felt more present in their lives because of it!

Juliette then experimented with homemade juices that she called her “potions”, like a witch in her secret laboratory. She has over a hundred recipes to her credit and plans to publish books.

During this session, Juliette realized that she recognized the witchy side of her potions in the work of a pharmacist! She needed to see the client before she made her preparation, as if to imbue it with a special intention. She loved that! At least, more than typing on the computer to keep track of inventory.

Everything made so much sense at that moment! Her background, her experience, her desires, the feedback from others and from Life!

She had become aware of her own talent, she had become aware of who she really was and of her mission here.

A true awakening to herself!

But the return to reality had put an end to this enthusiasm and the interview with Mrs. Simon was a reflection of what she had been experiencing for several months.

Her project didn’t fit into a single box.

With each discussion, she felt as if she was being forced into a box: café manager, bookstore owner, trainer, author, and now nutritionist.

It was both none of these boxes and all of these boxes at once.

Now that she understood what she really wanted to do, she didn’t understand why it was so hard to embody it in the world!

It was as if everything was done to prevent her from doing it: you need a degree, you need a license, you need to choose between this and that, both (or even more) activities are not possible or compatible, … and blah, blah, blah …

Juliette almost took it personally, as if the system was preventing her from expressing who she really is.

She was ready to drop this project, she was getting tired of running into walls.

— Look, Mrs. Simon, no, it’s not a nutritionist either, said Juliette in despair.

Mrs. Simon was also beginning to lose patience, she couldn’t understand why Juliette didn’t choose a category, it was so simple!

— I don’t know what to tell you – Mrs. Simon tried to find a metaphor to explain better – you want to have a foot in five jobs at the same time, it’s not possible, we only have two feet … and anyway, you can only choose one job ….

Ms. Simon decided to drop the somewhat shaky metaphor, then concluded with no more patience:

— What you want to do doesn’t exist, you’re not going to create a new profession just for you? it’s not possible! All I need is to enter a category for the computer, I don’t care about the rest, you do what you want!

Ms. Simon had gotten carried away, and Juliette had sensed this, but because of this, Juliette had suddenly understood how she could work WITH the system.

All that mattered to Ms. Simon was that she could enter Juliette’s file into the computer and fit Juliette’s “job” into a box.

There was nothing to stop Juliette from pushing the edges of the box a bit… and doing what she really wanted to do.

She remembered Gisele’s words at the end of her session:

Each person is unique, each mission is unique, because it reflects a life experience, learned skills, consciously or unconsciously, innate talents and the energy of the person. It is up to you to create the form that all this will take in the world! Be free!

— So what do I put? asked Ms. Simon more calmly, ready to tap on her keyboard.

Juliette took a deep breath and answered, relieved.

Filled with hope, she began to smile.

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