I have to write a post !


I point to a rainbow in the distance.

My second daughter asks me if one day we will be able to get the treasure at the foot of the rainbow.

I smile. The treasure for me is the rainbow…

I park my car, my daughters get out and as I’m about to leave, I freeze:

— Damn, but I don’t have an article for today!

My brain starts to work all of a sudden.

I just realized it’s Friday.

I usually write at least one article in a week, but this time … I didn’t.


I put my coffee cup down next to the computer.

— What could I possibly write?

An article? A story?

I dive into my notes looking for an idea.

Someone knocks on the door.

— Hi, I was wondering if you wanted a mattress?

I settle back into the computer.

I realize that I am thirsty.

I get up to get a glass of water.


Well, I don’t have a story coming to me.

An article, for a change? about what?

The current economic model and its limits ? it sounds like stating the obvious …

To make someone cry, is it good or not good ? It sounds like too much explaning in writing …

I sink into my seat.

— Damn, but what am I going to write ?!

I think back to the trash can under the sink.

I remember that there might be some trash bags in the broom closet.

I get up, check, no.

I’ll really have to buy some more.

I sit down again.

Well, let’s get back to the story ideas.

— Hmmm …. Yeah … not in the mood … pfff not again …

I close my notes and put on my headphones to isolate myself.


I ask for an idea for an article.

I take a few breaths but I don’t relax.

— What if I meditate?

I open a window to play some music but I find another interesting video.

— Oh yes, I’ll record it to watch it later!

Hop, hop, hop, I take note of it in my agenda.

Ok, it’s done

— Well, what did I want to do again?


Still no idea.

— Well, what if this week, I don’t publish?

The world won’t end!

I hesitate, it’s a bit easy…

I open a page to write.

I look at the screen.

I look at the blinking cursor.

I look at the keyboard.

Nothing comes.

I look at the time…

Damn it!


— I have to find a solution.

What if I went to get some fresh air for 5 minutes to change my mind?

I look outside.

Grey and rainy.

I remain seated.

I think about the last workshop, maybe I have an idea that will come.

I remember a moment and start to imagine a story.

A character walking in a greyish city surrounded by a wall. He was born and raised here and knows only this city. Only everything starts to fall apart around him. The buildings, the roads, the bridges and even the wall around him. He sees people panicking around him in the street. He too is afraid, but a part of him remains serene, to his great surprise.

I’m looking for an ending as best I can…

— I have to find something!

Ah, yes!

As everything collapses, a breach opens at last on the outside world and the character discovers a beautiful and luxuriant nature beyond the surrounding wall.

I let out a sigh.

Well, it’s not Spielberg.

Too depressing? Too simple?

I hesitate, take the idea back, weigh it in my head… then I let out another sigh.


I take my coffee cup back for the 48th time.

And for the 43rd time, I realize it’s empty.

I sink back into my seat, crossing my arms.

— What if I went outside?

This time I decide to get up and go outside.

I take a few steps and stop in front of an oak tree.

I realize my (bad) posture and straighten up while breathing quietly.

— Well, why is it so complicated this morning?

And the answer comes in the form of another question:

What could I write to bring joy to myself?

I start to relax.

I start to smile spontaneously.

— I think I’ve got it! 🙂

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