Knowing what to expect

– The person you are about to meet is writing.

Georgette pauses.

– Yes, that’s right, she’s writing, …, a book or maybe even several.

John is intrigued, but the idea of finally meeting someone who suits him, fills him with joy.

– You will get along well, you will be very intimate, a glance will be enough to understand each other, she concludes by smiling.

– And you know when it is going to happen?! asks her friend, enthusiastic.

– No, the notion of time is very blurred when it comes to soul reading, events change all the time. You have to take it with a grain of salt!

His enthusiasm betrayed him.

Secretly, he is not as cautious as he wants to show his friend. John is delighted.

He already imagines this person at an old wooden desk and wonders what she writes about…

The discussion is animated within the group in the restaurant.

– And you, Alice, what do you think? How would you define “being in love”? asks John.

Alice turns to him, her eyes sparkling, and starts to answer.

John holds her gaze, both out of playfulness and interest in the answer, which he listens to carefully.

“Such a wise answer …”, John thinks.

The discussion bounces to another person who in turn gives her definition.

John feels that this definition is obviously based on a bad past experience, with a wound of betrayal, no doubt.

He exchanges a look with Alice.

“She’s thinking the same thing,” John says to himself.

– Okay, now third exercise, you draw a semi-circle on a sheet of paper.

Several discussions take place at the same time in small groups, with a glass in hand.

Alice is guiding John in little games to get to know yourself.

He loves it, especially since he enjoys spending time with Alice.

Their discussions range from Mexican food to the definition of trust, to the hypothesis of aliens on Earth.

It’s so fluid, so easy with her.

His stay is ending soon and he wonders if he should try to see her again.

As he traces the semicircle, John remembers his soul reading: the person he’s supposed to meet is writing.

– Have you ever thought of writing a book about all this? these games, these definitions, etc? asks John.

— Oh, no, I hate writing! replies Alice, laughing.

John feels the effect of a cold shower.

She’s not the one that Georgette was talking about then!

John apologizes for the rest of the evening and goes to bed, disappointed and sad.

The weeks passed, John and Alice send each other messages, and continue their long discussions remotely.

John remains perplexed, the connection is obvious but Alice mentioned it again in one of her messages, she doesn’t usually like to write so much!

When the opportunity arises to meet again, John hesitates – what’s the point – he says to himself in front of his computer screen.

It’s true that everything falls into place easily, to meet again, but he wonders if it’s really worth it.

John closes the screen and gets up to walk to the window, looking at the branches of the trees that are waving in the wind.

He breathes slowly.

– How do I feel about this?

His thoughts go elsewhere, his dentist appointment, an errand to run, a red car passing by, …

– I want to see her again, he says spontaneously.

– What did you think of it ? asks Alice.

The credits roll on the screen.

John’s mind is wandering and he sees himself hesitating to see Alice again eight months earlier.

He smiles inside and outside without answering the question.

They are together now.

John is filled with gratitude.

– Go ahead, you first! he says to her.

Alice starts a pragmatic and comprehensive analysis of the hero of the film, his thoughts, his actions, his emotions, how he makes his decisions, …

John is no longer surprised, and when she finishes, he makes an admiring face to indicate that he doesn’t have much to add.

– Maybe I should write a book about it, with games, exercises to get to know yourself, she ends up saying seriously, her mind thinking.

John smiled again as he looked at her, for another reason this time.

– What? blushed Alice, It’s your idea after all!

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