A taste for experience

— Want to taste?

I approach my bowl of homemade soup to her plate.

She takes the spoon, tastes with her lips, makes a little pout and says:

— I like it !

— Well, go get yourself a bowl then…

She gets up, takes a bowl out of the cupboard, approaches the pan and as she is about to serve herself:

— Are there onions in it?

— Yes.

— Oh no, then I don’t like it!

And she returns to her seat, the empty bowl in her hands.

I rolled my eyes discreetly, well aware – not to say disappointed – that the mind had taken over at the last moment!

There was an experience through several of the five senses, the body had a feeling and this truth expressed through the body was put aside at the edge of the plate by the spoon of the mind…

As soon as we leave too much room to the mind, as soon as we let it take control, we miss out on many things.

We won’t dare, we’ll tell ourselves that we don’t deserve it, that it won’t work…

The mind will invent a story to prove itself right, it will make this story run in a loop in our head like a bad TV commercial and we will end up believing this story.

Even if the result of our own fully lived experience does not go in the direction of the story!

We prefer to believe in the story we tell ourselves rather than follow the truth of our experience!

That is lying to ourselves.

It’s denying the truth of our feelings and locking ourselves into stories that keep us in the status quo.

Do you feel stuck in your life?

Probably because of a story you keep telling yourself.

Are you aware of it?

Did you choose it?

Would you still choose it today, in conscience?

If you start investigating where this story came from, you might be in for a surprise.

What if this story was told to you by your parents? and their parents to your parents before that? and so on?

Stories passed from parent to child … and from generation to generation, life experiences that are similar, stories that repeat themselves …

You can stop these stories, here and now, you can stop the movie and write yourself a new script that will give you the strength and power to accomplish your life mission.

How do you do this?

Trust your feelings!

Feelings as a new compass

Let’s take a chocolate lover.

You put a square of chocoalte on the table.

How will he know if he will like this chocolate?

He may be able to observe it carefully, the color, the smell, the texture, etc. He may debate for hours about it.

He can debate for hours around the table looking at the piece of chocolate and telling himself lots of stories about whether he’ll like the chocolate or not:

Ah yes, so last time I tasted a piece of chocolate that had the same color and I loved it!

No, but every time I taste a piece of chocolate with that texture, I get sick!

I need to see the packaging to know if I like it! (when the mind is too powerful! 🙂 )

But there is only one way to really know if he will really like this piece of chocolate!

He has to experience it.

He has to taste it!

It is in the experience that the answer will come!

Everything else is just mental talk, based on past memories.

It is in the moment, in the experience of tasting the chocolate that the true answer will come out!

And in life … it’s the same!

You want to take up golf? but you hesitate, you don’t know if you will like it or not, if it is made for you and if you will have fun.

There is only one way to find out!

Guess what?

You have to experience it!

You want to accompany people in the relaxation by the massage of the scalp? but you hesitate, you don’t know if you will really like it, you don’t know if people will appreciate it, and then you wonder if you really want to do that all your life…

And blah, blah, blah … the mind takes over …


You want to try it? then do it, it doesn’t commit you for the next 40 years and you will have answers IN the experience of how you feel when you massage the scalp.

And life will give you answers too, through client feedback, through opportunities, through meetings, …

If the experience is not possible directly, get as close as possible to feel.

You want to become a vet? spend a day with a veterinarian, follow him, listen to him, feel!

Come back to the experience, come back to the feeling, tame it (not the vet, the feeling, eh!), learn to understand it, to interpret it.

Trust it for small things to start with and build up to it.

There is only one way to know if it works for you anyway.

Just experience it!

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