An opportunity in every situation

A thunder of applause.

Bernard could not believe his ears.

He approaches the center of the stage in awe.

The host of the conference was waiting for him in a chair and invited him to sit down.

Bernard awkwardly greeted the audience, probably not used to this kind of situation.

The moderator also applauded warmly and politely stopped, telling the room to finish as well.

— Phew, well, Bernard, it is rare to have so much enthusiasm for an author, usually it is more for actors or singers! But I must admit that I share this enthusiasm too!

— Thank you! Thank you Jean-René, and thank you to the whole room, I confess that I am quite moved by such a welcome, thank you, really, it’s incredible that everyone has made the effort to come! answers Bernard particularly embarrassed.

Then he adds to turn away from this embarrassment:

— And it is better for everyone that I do not start singing!

Laughter in the audience.

The journalist continues:

— Bernard, you are here to talk about your book, a real invitation to discover yourself, your own talent, to see your own life differently. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that it is a real privilege to have you here tonight to better understand what you share in this book.

— You know, Jean-René, I consider it a privilege to have you here as well and I don’t say that out of politeness. I consider you to be an excellent journalist with an obvious talent for connecting a room like this with your guest. You create a kind of synergy that brings out the essence of the meeting.

The journalist is pleasantly surprised

— Really?

— Yes, Bernard continues, that’s why you prefer the stage to radio or television, you need an audience to fully express your talent, right?

The journalist marks a pause, obviously not prepared for the discussion to take this turn.

— Yes, indeed, now that you mention it ..

Bernard turns to the room and asks:

— What do you think in the room? Do you share this feeling?

Positive responses come from the audience:

“Yes, that’s exactly right …”

“He’s right!”

“Yes, bravo Jean-René, for your work!

Jean-René remains speechless for a few moments in front of the audience, pleasantly surprised to have this unexpected feedback on his work.

— Well, thank you for this feedback, to you Bernard and to you dear public, it speaks to me and it touches me particularly.

Then he resumes professionally:

— So, I’d like to start with an idea that you develop in the book: every situation, no matter how mundane, can be an opportunity for all stakeholders to raise their consciousness. I know you explain this in detail in the book, but perhaps you could give us an example, illustrate this idea a little more?

Bernard smiles at the reporter and then at the audience.

— Sure, let’s take the situation here and now. We’ve just had a fairly brief but relevant exchange, I hope, about your role as host, as journalist. I expressed my truth, my feelings about your work, what resonated with you and with the audience. When we say “resonate”, it often means that words have been put, perhaps for the first time, on a feeling. That’s why we can be surprised when we are involved. This surprise and feeling that words have been put to a feeling is a mark of an elevation of consciousness – “I became aware of my own feeling,” Bernard finally says, pointing his index finger to his chest and back up to his forehead.

There is a moment’s pause in the room, as if to allow time to integrate.

— Now, as I say, this is an opportunity for all stakeholders.

— Yes, absolutely, the reporter accompanies.

— Well, this room has something special, everyone here has loved one of my books, at least, I hope so …

Laughter in the audience, Bernard continues :

— … so it’s that the content resonated for them, with their values, their worldview. So this is a wonderful opportunity for you, gentlemen, ladies, he says, pointing to the audience, to get to know the people around you. Not by sharing your first name, age, occupation, where you live – although that can be a start – but by sharing what you liked about the book, what resonated with your own experience, connecting authentically with a life experience rather than a resume or ID card. It’s a perfect opportunity to meet people who are like you.

— I’m playing devil’s advocate here, says the journalist, but, Bernard, what’s the difference between this and a meeting in a supermarket?

The author, seeing clearly where he wants to go, continues with a knowing smile:

— I don’t know about you, but in the supermarket I never met anyone, everyone is in their own bubble. Moreover, you will meet people who need to shop for food and other things. In other words, your resonance spectrum covers 100% of humans! But if you go to a yoga class, you already reduce the resonance spectrum and you will find more like-minded people. Here in this room, the resonance spectrum is even narrower, so you’re more likely to connect with people who share your worldview!

— At the end of this conference, I would like to suggest that you take a moment to get to know each other, to create links, to create meaning, perhaps? he concludes by turning back to Bernard.

— Yes, exactly, to create meaning in this meeting, to transform this opportunity into a chance to raise our consciousness. I will not be surprised if beautiful friendships are made today, right here in this room. And we can go further, all of us.

— Oh yes, how so?

— The next level is to be a creator of these kinds of opportunities. It’s about reconnecting to the question “Who am I?”, “What resonates with me?”, and creating the opportunity to resonate with other people. Everyone can be an actor and creator. I really like this quote from the Dalai Lama:

“If you feel that you are too small to change something, then try sleeping with a mosquito. You will see which one prevents the other from sleeping.”

The journalist smiles. Applause in the room.

— And you, Bernard, he continues, you are also part of this situation, what would be your awareness, here and now?

Bernard pauses, as if preparing his answer.

— Listen, Jean-René, that’s why it’s a privilege for me to be here too. When I arrived on stage in front of all these people, I was moved. A little intimidated, of course, but mostly moved. Before writing books, I have long believed that words can only separate, divide, hurt people or destroy lives. But I believe, as I walked in here tonight, I truly understood, not just in my head, but in my whole being, that words can unite, heal and elevate consciousness. Just because I wrote a few words with a paper and a pencil, it is several hundred people who come together tonight to share a moment, to discover themselves and to meet people who are like them.

And he concludes:

— I simply followed what my heart wanted, to write. But I never thought that such a simple action could have such an impact!

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