The Gatekeeper – Part 1

“This is an incredible phenomenon that is happening! If you join us dear viewer, what you are seeing are live images from Egypt…”

Jessie can’t believe her eyes, the TV remote in one hand, her phone in the other, held to her ear.

— Do you see it? asks Amir’s voice into the device.

But Jessie does not pay any more attention, fascinated by the images broadcast by all the channels.

The screen shows again the presenter on the TV set.

“The phenomenon began this morning at about 4:30 a.m. local time, on this first day of spring, when some people in the vicinity were awakened. The authorities have of course defined a security perimeter around the oldest pyramid of Egypt, Cheops, the time to understand if the phenomenon presents a particular danger.”

— It is not the oldest, sighs Jessie, the oldest is Saqqara.

“Groups of people have started to gather, either in silent prayer or in a festive atmosphere. In any case, this phenomenon raises many questions and a scientific team from Cairo is already on the ground to study it. Meteorological phenomenon? Climatic? Extra-terrestrial? All hypotheses are open at this stage. Stay with us to elucidate this mystery together with our experts… “

— They don’t know what it is but they already have “experts” on the subject, exclaims Jessie, rolling her eyes.

As guests arrive on set, images of the pyramid come back on the screen. The pyramid is majestic in the Egyptian morning light, it would be an ordinary morning if it weren’t for the powerful golden white light emanating from the top of the pyramid.

Jessie muted the television and opened her laptop. She browsed through her digital archives and after a few minutes, found an ancient representation of the same phenomenon.

The top of the pyramid of Cheops, shining, gives off a vertical beam of light.

Jessie aligns the picture on her computer with the television screen. She cannot believe her eyes.

Her heart starts to beat faster. She is both excited and confused, not knowing what to do first. Her brain is racing.

She is interrupted by her phone:

– Hello?

– Ms. Jessie Grillet-Eldamaty?

– Miss. But it’s me !

– This is Jérôme Durand, journalist on DFMTV, you are indeed an astrolo.., no, an astrono..

– Astro-egyptologist, yes.

– Astro-egyptologist, yes ok, uh… “astro” is for astrology or for astronomy?

– Astronomy, astronomy, I did a thesis in Egyptology and a thesis in astronomy, Jessie repeats with great emphasis.

– So you know the pyramids? Have you heard about the phenomenon in Egypt? Could you confirm that this is an unknown phenomenon?

– In fact, it’s not as simple as that, it’s possible that it’s just the beginning of something, a signal, a …

– Nah, but the question I’m asking is whether this is an unknown phenomenon in Egyptian history, the journalist interrupted.

– There are several theories that have been put forward on similar phenomena, Jessie advances cautiously, …

– Here, we don’t want a theory, we want facts, you know. Do we know for sure what the phenomenon is today?

– No, but ..

– Thanks, that’s all I wanted to know!

And he hangs up. Jessie sighs.

– If he’s a journalist, then my three-year-old nephew in his sandbox is an archaeologist.

The phone rings again.

She picks it up immediately.

– Finally! says Amir, we hang up without saying goodbye?

– Sorry, I had to check my research.

– Take your research and your toothbrush, I booked you a plane ticket for this afternoon, we expect you tonight for the briefing, all hands on deck here, your name is on everyone’s lips. Don’t talk to the reporters in the meantime, they’ll come across your work sooner or later.

– I believe that we still have a little time, says Jessie while raising the eyes to the sky…

The stewardess asks Jessie for the third time to close her computer and prepare for landing but quickly moves on to the other passengers crowded at the windows to see the luminous summit of the pyramid.

Jessie finally sees it with her own eyes and feels chills throughout her body. She only desires one thing, to go and see the place, to find “her” pyramids, the smell of the sand, the burning sun, but above all the weight of the history to which she is attached. She is convinced that there is still much to learn and discover.

In the cab that takes her directly to the research center, the driver follows the news by the minute:

– Light emits no heat despite the intensity, they said and they don’t understand that light doesn’t propagate in all directions, they said! You know, I know the history of Egypt very well, my friends say that I am an expert! In my opinion, it’s an alien trick!

Jessie smiles. With what she has in her computer, humanity is not at the end of its surprises.

To be continued …

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