The Gatekeeper – Part 2

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Amir meets Jessie directly at the research center’s reception desk as she hangs up her “visitor” badge with a grimace.

— You’re making a face, I thought you liked it here..

— The end of my stay left me with a bitter taste, Jessie answers with a half-smile but I am happy to see you again!

He takes her in his arms. Amir has been the only one to support her in the conclusions of her work in the past. She had always wondered if he was more than a friend, but she couldn’t find the answer. But there had been a very special connection between them from the beginning.

— I’m going to make sure you get a badge again, something tells me you’re going to spend some time with us..

He takes her bag.

— Come on, everyone has already arrived. Are you ready?

— There’s only one way to find out.

When Jessie enters the crowded meeting room, all talk stops. Amir guides her to the end of a large table and helps her plug in her computer to broadcast her presentation to the big screen behind her, while she organizes her files.

Jessie is intimidated, recognizing many of the faces in the audience, and feeling the weight of the stares again on her young age, and the fact that she is a woman. Some things don’t change.

Jessie still smiles a little. Yesterday she was the center of attention for her so-called crazy ideas, today she is there to provide answers.

— Mrs. Grillet-Eldamaty, you know why we called you, we didn’t understand your work at the time, begins the head of the center, clearing his throat, but we need answers today to understand and reassure the people, what can you tell us about the phenomenon observed at the top of the pyramid?

Jessie does not answer directly and displays on the screen behind her, one next to the other, a photo of the phenomenon broadcast on her television and the old representation of the same phenomenon found in her archives. Murmurs rise up in the room.

— It is a phenomenon that has already taken place and that has been documented as the starting point of a ritual of a kind of knowledge sharing between civilizations.

The questions are flying. So do the unpleasant comments. Amir gestures for everyone to calm down and let Jessie speak.

— We must see the pyramid as a reservoir of knowledge, Jessie continues, created by wise beings, protected by guardians and accessible only to initiates, people who had a sufficient level of consciousness to make good use of it, in other words for the good of humanity. The pyramid would be endowed with a kind of consciousness …

Again there are murmurs in the room but Jessie continues.

— An awareness of the state of the world, of the level of consciousness of humanity, if you like. If it reaches a certain level, a certain threshold, then the pyramid is ready to offer it certain knowledge to continue its evolution. The pyramid is a kind of gatekeeper.

— What kind of knowledge? asks the head of the center, a spark in his eyes.

— Nobody knows exactly, some sources speak of universal knowledge about Life, who we are, where we come from, about the history of humanity, science, technology, ..

As soon as Jessie says these words, she feels the energy in the room change as if access to new technologies awakens a desire for power. Some people pull out their cell phones and send messages.

The head of the center asks the room to calm down again. His neighbor whispers a few words in his ear.

— What does this have to do with the phenomenon we’ve seen since this morning? he asks cautiously, as if avoiding certain words.

Jessie pauses.

– The luminous summit of the pyramid is the signal that a level has been reached, that the pyramid considers that a threshold has been reached in terms of elevation of consciousness.

Jessie pauses.

— It is a call to come and access the knowledge.

— Let’s not forget that we are talking about tombs here, insists the head of the center, raising his finger as a warning, the symbolism of death is not to be taken lightly and we would not want to open the door to phenomena that are beyond us, like the one that everyone can observe since this morning. History is full of legends of destruction, curses, and cataclysms, we must take all necessary precautions. Only scholars can solve this mystery.

Murmurs in the audience. The press conference was a full house. Journalists from all over the world came to attend and get answers.

Jessie stands next to Amir in the background. They exchange a glance. She is surprised by the speech of the head of the center, it is not really the message she shared during the briefing.

— An international team of renowned scientists is being formed as we speak to study the phenomenon and access these technologies which will of course be shared with the whole humanity.

Jessie feels uneasy, something is wrong, but she is eager to get to work.

To be continued …

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