The Gatekeeper – Part 3

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Jessie looks out the window of Amir’s apartment at the setting sun with a cup of tea in her hand.

For months now, the international team has not officially moved a millimeter.

Jessie was removed from the team as soon as she shared her research with them.

Politics, influence, lobbies and multinationals have been quick to step in to the breach. The phenomenon is important enough to take Jessie’s hypothesis seriously.

But the public opinion starts to be impatient and tensions rise, wondering if the discovered knowledge is not kept secret for the profit of a small group.

Jessie had been staying with Amir all this time, deepening her research, criticized all these years. She couldn’t even get close to the pyramid all this time, the security cordon having been extended with the many people who had gathered to pray or protest

She turns to the TV to better listen to one of the members being interviewed about the progress:

“It takes time, a lot of knowledge and understanding to access the content and it may take many years to get there. But I would like to reassure all your listeners, the best international experts are on deck, never has a scientific team been so competent to elucidate a mystery like this. I invite you to be patient and let the team do its work…”

Jessie rolls her eyes.

She, too, is beginning to lose patience, especially since she is on the sidelines for this major event for which she has devoted all her time and energy during her studies.

— All this time, damn it, they should have found something by now!

– You said it yourself, knowledge is only accessible by initiates. Do you really think that the selection of scientists fits that definition?

Jessie thinks aloud.

– If the top of the pyramid has begun to shine, then the conditions are right. This knowledge is for all humanity, to raise the level of consciousness and continue the experience of human life in consciousness, that is what the texts say, many texts in different civilizations. The elevation towards the light, towards Life. The pyramid is endowed with a consciousness that will only give access to those who have a sufficiently high vibration.

— Perhaps this knowledge should still remain secret for a while, the world is not yet ready, suggests Amir. You don’t know how to access it yourself, do you?

— No, but look what I found this morning, she says, walking over to a table full of documents.

She takes out an enlargement of ancient writings.

— Only the light of the pyramid can reveal the access to the knowledge, she says.

— How? The light is only emitted towards the sky…

Jessie sighs.

— If only I could get a closer look …

She walks forward in her long white tunic, hands placed over her heart, with a slow and steady step. On her head, a majestic headdress. Her lips seem to repeat a mantra.

She approaches the wall and stops. She closes her eyes, raises her head to the sky and extends her left hand as if to catch the light that escapes from the top of the pyramid, and places her right hand towards the wall, which immediately lights up. A set of writings appears in luminous relief like an immense fresco.

The beats of her heart accelerate..

She opens her eyes.

Jessie wakes up in her bed, sweating.

Amir bursts into the room with his phone in his hand.

— Are you okay? I heard you talking, he asks, I thought you were calling me.

Jessie catches her breath and comes to her senses.

— I think I know how to access the knowledge of the pyramid!

— Well, get ready, Amir replies, showing her his phone, we’ll be able to check it out soon.

The jeep advances at full speed, full headlights on a road in bad state.

— It was my cousin who called me, he lives nearby, says Amir, pointing to a dark spot on the horizon. He saw the beam unfold live from the top of the red pyramid of Snefru, 30 minutes ago. With any luck, we’ll be among the first.

Jessie remains silent like an athlete preparing for an event.

The day is just rising when the jeep parks.

The silhouette of the pyramid stands out in the morning sky. At its top, a powerful and intense beam of light, identical to the one at the first pyramid.

Jessie gets out of the car, puts all her things on the seat and slowly walks towards the pyramid.

She hesitates, she seems to look for a precise place and finally approaches the wall.

Amir is at her side.

They exchange a look in silence.

Amir nods his head.

She closes her eyes and feels herself leaving her body …

(Last episode to come !).

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