The Gatekeeper – Part 4

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Everything went very fast. The news went around the world.

Adulated like the Messiah, threatened like a dictator, Jessie became the center of attention of the entire planet. At first, a large part of the scientific community called her a witch, even calling for her to be burned alive, because she had “opened the door to hell on the world”, they said.

Everything had gone very fast since she had made the writings appear on the walls of the pyramid. Writings in an unknown language that were quickly dated to tens of thousands of years ago, completely overturning what the scientific community knew at that time about the history of humanity.

“It’s not possible,” said a scientist on a TV set despite the evidence, “the birth of writing dates back to 3300 years before Christ at the earliest, it’s a hoax!”

A kind of dictionary was made available intentionally to help understand the scriptures. The authorities had tried to contain the discovery, in vain.

Photos had quickly circulated on the internet and the first attempts at translations were made collaboratively, with everyone contributing their brick to the building, expert or amateur.

This knowledge explained how to communicate with plants to make them grow better in the environment in which they were planted, how to work with matter to build, repair, model, how to heal the human body by the application of hands, how to communicate by telepathy, …

At first, there was mostly skepticism and mockery.

But, as this knowledge was very detailed and concrete, some people started to experiment with these techniques… with success!

Others could not, causing misunderstanding, jealousy and even anger.

Society began a rapid and profound mutation, a whole bunch of systems in place began to falter, useless, replaced by these new techniques available to all. This added to the anger of those who lived and prospered on these systems.

It was Jessie, unintentionally, who set the world on fire, during a worldwide interview.

– You must have heard about the results that some have had and others have not, yet applying the same teachings of the pyramid, summarizes the journalist, how do you explain this?

– These teachings require a particular state of being in order to function, Jessie begins carefully, it is to find this connection to Nature, to the living and to collaborate with it according to its laws and not according to our limited human laws. This is what animals and plants do with each other.

Jessie exchanges a glance with Amir backstage, she notices in passing his tattoo on the left arm. She turns back to the reporter and finishes:

— It requires a level of awareness of who we are as a species. Some call it a level of vibration, or even a level of love. It is often the result of an individual spiritual journey, the ultimate goal being unconditional love of all that is.

The reaction was swift.

Within minutes, a deluge of comments in the press condemned the idea, accusing “this New New Age class” of hiding something from the rest of the world, and that the pyramid teachings would only lead to the collapse of society and technological progress.

A philosopher got carried away on a set for the debriefing of Jessie’s interview:

“These “New New” love everyone supposedly but not those who fail to apply the teachings of the pyramid, they are anti-love, I tell you!”

#antilove became the new trend across the Atlantic following this interview.

A media war had begun against spiritual movements of all kinds, websites were shut down, newsgroups banned, entire bookstore shelves forbidden.

The word “love” had become vulgar, many brands and companies tried to follow the trend by removing all formulations based on “love” in their marketing, even social networks had removed hearts from emojis… 💔

Spiritual teachers were made an example of and imprisoned to show how dangerous their teachings were “Beware of gurus!”, the headlines read. Every day, new memes – animations – were circulating on the internet showing spirituality books being virtually burned.

The traditional religions also took up the cause: “The only spirituality is that of the Bible, everything else is witchcraft!

Witch hunts took place to track down the “New New”, in yoga classes, in wellness centers, even in organic stores! As soon as a pyramid technique was used publicly, the “New New” was pointed at but most of the time without going further, because deep down, the others feared him.

By force of circumstance and thanks to the techniques of the pyramid, the “New New” had begun to organize themselves and to live differently, as if in a universe parallel to the one that was gradually collapsing. They used telepathy to avoid unpleasant situations and were always one step ahead because they could sense people’s intentions by observing their aura. Every day they were moving towards autonomy from the old world, thanks to the knowledge of the pyramid, while seeking to cultivate peace and love for everyone.

As the outdated systems began to crumble, those who depended on them began to search for more meaning and authenticity in their lives. Some still resisted, because they were too attached to the old way of life, but they were fewer and fewer.

Inspired by the lives of the “New New”, a large part of the population naturally turned to spirituality, in all its forms, in all its teachings, in spite of the declining media propaganda, with the intention of evolving towards more love, notably by healing many emotional wounds.

The “New New” share exceeded a critical threshold after a few years and society completely reorganized itself, cultivating a little more love every day, letting everyone live, respecting others and Life…

Jessie breathes heavily and comes back from her day-dreaming.

She is standing still in front of the great red pyramid, in the glow of the dawn in the distance and the beam of light emanating from the pyramid.

She hesitates and reopens her eyes on Amir, the only one present at her side:

— I have felt so much pain, so much conflict, so much division between people in my vision. Is this the right way?

— The flame of a candle is brightest when it shines in the darkness, Amir simply answers. So what a wonderful opportunity for everyone to be peace, unity and love in the presence of conflict, division and fear! So you can show the way to all those who have forgotten it, wherever they are, from as “far away” as they come. The gift of the pyramid is not the knowledge revealed, but the opportunity to rise together to another level of consciousness, to another level of Love, Amir concludes solemnly, placing his hands on Jessie’s shoulders.

She notices the tattoo on his arm, identical to the one she noticed in her vision.

— You… you’re a guardian! exclaims Jessie, herself surprised at the obvious now.

They exchange a long smile.

— You said it yourself, Jessie, the world is ready. You are an initiate, I recognized you from our first meeting, that spark of love in your eyes when you look at the pyramids, that desire to share with the world. You are in your place, you are ready, humanity is ready, it’s time, Amir announces as he removes his hands.

Jessie looks up into the beam of light.

— There is only one way to find out, she thinks.

Jessie takes a deep breath and closes her eyes.

She raises her hand to the sky, and with a loving smile, places her hand on the wall of the pyramid.

The end.

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